Further coronavirus info...

  • How bad is coronavirus?
  • How coronavirus spreads?
  • How can I avoid the virus?
  •  Will coronavirus end?

How bad is coronavirus?

The coronavirus is quite similar to the flu. In reality, classic cases of the flu have caused more death than the coronavirus, but the speed at which it spreads now is worrying.

Just like the flu, this virus has a larger toll on people with underlying health issues, the elderly and the very young. Hence, for us as a community many of us with health issues, we need to be extra careful.

How coronavirus spreads?

It's transmitted when a person who is infected coughs or exhales, and small droplets land on objects and surfaces around them. Other people then catch the virus by touching these objects and surfaces, and then touching their eyes nose or mouth.

How can I avoid the virus?

The most important thing you can do is reduce your risk — which is good personal hygiene.

This means regular handwashing, which research shows can significantly help to prevent illness and the spread of infection.

Will coronavirus end?

One possibility is it becomes another seasonal illness like cold and flu.
Some experts believe that coronavirus will disappear with time, rather than becoming established in the population.

It is also important to know that four coronaviruses currently circulate throughout the population.

One is SARS, another coronavirus, spread rapidly but has now mostly disappeared.

Another is MERS, which seems to have persisted at low levels in particular parts of the world.